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    Barley Grass Nutritional Analysis  
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    Why herb-all barley powder and capsules are good for the following illnesses  

  Pregnant and Nursing Mothers - Herb-All Organic

Pregnant and nursing mothers require nutrients in greater amounts than the R.D.A. unfortunately many of these women do not have a sufficient intake. Healthy cells with healthy DNA result in healthier sperm and ovum, which in turn produces a healthy baby, Herb-All Organic can give the nutrients needed for this.

Janet's daughter, Michelle, took only Herb-All Organic as a prenatal supplement and delivered a healthy 8 - lbs. 4 oz. baby boy. Her midwife looked at the ingredients in Herb-All Organic and assured her that this was all she would need. When Michelle pumped her breasts her milk looked like Half - and - Half with a quarter inch of cream on top that would have to be shaken and mixed before giving to the baby. Michelle quit taking Herb-All Organic for one week and the appearance of the milk changed drastically. It looked like skim milk with fat globules suspended in it and it had no cream on top. When she resumed the Herb-All Organic, her milk returned to cream. Mom's who graze on Herb-All Organic have contented babies!

Herb-All Organic and Children

"Many studies have been conducted on the effects of nutrients on intelligence. When children's diets were supplemented with vitamins and minerals, their I.Q's were raised. The implication is obvious: the marginal deficiencies seen in some young children are enough to hamper neutral function in these children. Other studies have shown that marginal vitamin and mineral deficiencies are associated with poor motivation, abnormalities in attention and perception and personality changes." Eduardo V. Pedrosa”.

Herb-All Organic can supply nutritional support from birth to old age.  Some children enjoy spooning it dry into their mouths. Herb-All Organic can be mixed with water and put in a dropper and fed to Infants. It can also be put into baby bottles. Many older children enjoy drinking their barley juice themselves using the hand blender. Using a straw is fun and helps bypass the taste buds! Janet's grandson has been eating a sachet of dry Herb-All Organic at a time since age 2 with no adverse affects.


Herb-All Organic for Teenagers

Studies show that there is a prevalence of nutrient deficiencies in teenagers secondary to dieting for weight control, increased physical activities with P.E. and sports activities, greater stress levels, rapid growth, heavier scholastic requirements etc. Herb-All Organic for Teenagers can help them cope with these stresses better.

Many teens skip meals, snack, and often eat meals away from home. About 50% of all teens report that they are not concerned about nutrition and only 33% say that they try to eat correctly. A sachet of Herb-All Organic for Teenagers every day could help meet nutritional requirements, improve their stamina and coping abilities and even improve their grades.


Herb-All Organic for Seniors

There are well over 30 million senior citizens in the U.S. alone and this segment of the population is growing. Those who have adopted a healthy lifestyle can remain active and productive. (About 50,000 seniors in the U.S. are still drawing a paycheck at age 90) Those who do not choose a healthy lifestyle will probably live the last few years of their life being cared for by others. Factors that affect seniors nutritional health are decreased caloric intake, impaired absorption, poor dentition, drug/slash nutrient interactions, limited activities or handicaps, low income, altered taste perception, loneliness, lack of transportation or any combination of these.

The National Cancer Institute has presented studies which show that with every 5-year increase of age, there is a doubling of the incidence of cancer. The elderly often suffer from nutritional deficiencies which are manifested by a weakened immune system which leaves them prey to respiratory infections, pneumonia, which are manifested by a weakened immune system which leaves them prey to respiratory infections, pneumonia, urinary tract infections, Shingles and other serious health problems. Because the gastrointestinal tract absorbs nutrients less efficiently with age, the elderly need more nutrients in their diet. One or two of sachet of Herb-All Organic 20 minutes before meal will assure good digestions and absorption.  Herb-All Organic for Seniors is particularly well suited for this age group because it requires little preparation (as quick as a cup of instant tea), is assimilated very quickly and efficiently if taken on an empty stomach, no chewing is required, is easy to store, and, most of all the Herb-All Organic, provides the complete spectrum of nutrients for any Senior to get what his or her body needs to stay.


  Barley Grass Nutritional Analyses ( 12 Sept 2002 )

Certificate of Analysis

Samples Analysed

Barley Grass Leaf Powder
Wheat Leaf Powder

Date Analysed

4 August 2002
Crop & Food Reference

Chlorophyll determined spectrophotometrically
Carotenoids determined spectrophotometrically as
ß-carotene equivalents
  Sample ID Analysis mg/g  
  Barley Grass Carotenoids 0.71  
  Chlorophyll 9.82  
  Wheat Leaf Carotenoids 1.04  
  Chlorophyll 9.07  

Methods for determination of chlorophyll and carotenoid content (ß-carotene equivalents) adapted from: Knee, M. 1972: Anthocyanin, carotenoid, and chlorophyll changes in the peel of Cox's Orange Pippin apples during ripening on and off the tree. Journal of Experimental Botany 23: 184-196.

Carolyn Lister

Qualifying Statement
The results given in this report apply only to the samples provided to Crop and Food Research, which may or may not be representative of the entire samples of plant material.
The analysis was done by Crop and Food Research NZ

Results apply to samples as received

  Units Amount  
  Energy kJ/100g 1064.5  
  Nitrogen % 4.54  
  Protein g/100g 28.38  
  Fat – total g/100g 6.03  
  Fat – saturated  
        Lauric acid (12:0) g/100g 0.02  
        Palmitic acid (16:0) g/100g 0.47  
        Stearic acid (18:0) g/100g 0.02  
        Behenic acid (22:0) g/100g 0.03  
  Fat – unsaturated  
        Oleic acid (18:1) g/100g 0.04  
        Linoleic acid (18:2) g/100g 0.45  
        Linolenic acid (18:3) g/100g 3.17  
  Fat – unidentified g/100g 1.83  
  Carbohydrate – total g/100g 4.92  
  Carbohydrate – starch g/100g 0.32  
  Carbohydrate – sugars  
        Fructose g/100g 0.6  
        Glucose g/100g 1.2  
        Lactose g/100g <0.1  
        Maltose g/100g <0.1  
        Sucrose g/100g 2.8  
  Fibre g/100g 34.41  
  Aluminium mg/100g 13  
  Arsenic mg/100g <25  
  Boron mg/100g 680  
  Cadmium mg/100g 1  
  Calcium mg/100g 430  
  Cesium mg/100g 4.1  
  Chromium mg/100g 210  
  Cobalt mg/100g 6.1  
  Copper mg/100g 930  
  Iron mg/100g 17  
  Lead mg/100g 16  
  Lithium mg/100g 11  
  Magnesium mg/100g 170  
  Manganese mg/100g 2300  
  Mercury mg/100g <2  
  Molybdenum mg/100g 53  
  Nickel mg/100g 60  
  Phosphorus mg/100g 410  
  Potassium mg/100g 3800  
  Rubidium mg/100g 39  
  Selenium mg/100g <25  
  Sodium mg/100g 320  
  Tin mg/100g 3.8  
  Vanadium mg/100g 33  
  Zinc mg/100g 2900  
  Vitamin C mg/100g 548  
  Vitamin E IU/100g 36.1  
  Thiamine mg/100g 0.80  
  Vitamin B2 &#8211; total mg/100g 2.33  
  Vitamin B3 &#8211; total mg/100g 6.49  
  Vitamin B6 &#8211; total mg/100g 1.30  
  Folic acid mg/100g 1130  
  Beta-carotene mg/100g <10  


  Free Amino Acids mg/g % weight  
  D,L-O-Phosphoserine ND 0.00  
  Taurine ND 0.00  
  O-Phosphoethanolamine ND 0.00  
  L-Aspartic acid 0.50 2.90  
  L-Hydroxyproline ND 0.00  
  L-Threonine 0.58 3.35  
  L-Serine 1.07 6.21  
  L-Asparagine 4.32 24.97  
  L-Glutamic acid 0.61 3.53  
  L-Glutamine 1.43 8.27  
  D,L-a-Aminoadipic acid ND 0.00  
  L-Proline 0.33 1.93  
  Glycine 0.14 0.80  
  L-Alanine 1.69 9.80  
  Citrulline ND 0.00  
  L-a-Amino-n-butyric acid ND 0.00  
  L-Valine 0.56 3.23  
  L-Cystine ND 0.00  
  L-Methionine 0.15 0.85  
  L-Cystathione ND 0.00  
  L-Isoleucine 0.27 1.59  
  L-Leucine 0.49 2.86  
  L-Norleucine ND 0.00  
  L-Tyrosine 0.18 1.05  
  L-Phenylalanine 0.39 2.28  
  b-Alanine ND 0.00  
  D,L-b-Amino-i-butyric acid 0.55 3.16  
  D,L-Homocystine ND 0.00  
  g-Amino butyric acid 3.10 17.90  
  L-Tryptophan ND 0.00  
  Ethanolamine ND 0.00  
  D,L & allo-Hydroxylysine ND 0.00  
  Ammonia 0.09 0.51  
  L-Ornithine ND 0.00  
  L-Lysine 0.26 1.50  
  L-Histidine 0.29 1.70  
  L-3-Methylhistidine ND 0.00  
  L-1-Methylhistidine ND 0.00  
  L-Arginine 0.28 1.61  
  TOTAL 17.29 100.00  

  After Hydrolysis mg/g % weight  
  Alanine 16.0 7.1  
  Arginine 14.3 6.4  
  Aspartic acid 29.1 13.0  
  Glutamic acid6 29.8 13.3  
  Glycine 11.9 5.3  
  Histidine 5.3 2.4  
  Isoleucine 8.9 4.0  
  Leucine 19.3 8.6  
  Lysine 15.2 6.8  
  Phenylalanine 12.3 5.5  
  Proline 12.2 5.4  
  Serine 11.7 5.2  
  Threonine 11.8 5.3  
  Tyrosine 9.2 4.1  
  Valine 16.8 7.5  
  TOTAL 224.1 100.0  
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